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About Us

YUYAO FEIYAN VALVE MANUFACTURING CO.,LTD. found in 1985 ,through 22 years development, has been one of
the best & most competitive fire-fighting products manufacturer. We are specialized in producing fire extinguisher, accessories like valve ,cylinder, neck ring, handle etc. In addition ,we also dealing with accessories for fire fight equipment such as fire hose, pressure gauge, nozzle ,dry powder, landing valve, branch pipe, hose...   more>>

Contact Us

ADD: Wucheyan,Huangjiabu,Yuyao,Zhejiang,P.R.China.
TEL: 86-574-62017981    86-574-62018781    86-574-62017662
FAX: 86-574-62015279    86-574-62018522    86-574-62018216
EMAIL: sales@feiyan-valve.com   manager@feiyan-valve.com

  • FY-71000

    High Pressure Valve

  • FY-70102

    High Pressure Valve

  • FY-22200

    Carbon Dioxide Valve

  • FY-04100

    Dry Powder Valve

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